3 Easy Steps to Find Happiness

Smiling womanSeeking happiness seems like a pretty easy undertaking. Just play your favorite game or book a nice hotel, right? But it’s not that easy and you may be trying too hard just to be happy. Oftentimes, you mistakenly identify instant gratification as a form of happiness. Though it’s the same as a positive feeling of confidence or joy, it can leave you discontented so you want more.

Here are simple ways to find pleasure, without the instant gratifications:

Do celebrate small wins

Most people are experts in celebrating major wins, from work promotions or buying a new house. Celebrating those small wins, such as signing up for a gym membership like those offered by MUV Fitness Spokane or bumping into a previous colleague, can provide an immediate mood boost. These simple things can make you feel good, as you learn to think back and celebrate all the good things that came from it.

Learn to slow down

When situations get rough, it’s typically because you’re forcing them. Learn to slow down. When you constantly desire to achieve but at a quick pace, you’re burning yourself out to the moment that your body can’t keep up. Set your own pace, so you will know what makes you happy. This way, you can recognize the joy of each moment that sets one apart from the other.

Always stay positive

Being positive makes you more cheerful and happier, with better sleep and healthy body. One instance of positivity can lead to another and so on until you’re in an upward spiral of cheerfulness and happiness. Don’t jump to conclusions or over-generalize. Any healthy activity — either a short run or bike — that helps you have a positive mind is good.

People put so much weight on the current trends on happiness, but it’s also important to know that those little things you do every day can also put a smile on your face. Being happy is great and that is something you should make every effort to feel as often as possible.