3 Easy Tips to Get Rid of Intruders from Your Property

Fence for property securityEach year, landowners are confronted with the issue of having travellers invade their private property and settle there without permission. For most, getting these intruders to vacate the property is not an easy task. How do you take care of this problem when it happens? Here are some smart tips to help you:

Get professional help

For property owners who would rather not have a direct confrontation, getting an expert on traveller removal is the best option. A professional agency in these matters will usually have the experience to get the intruders out within a day without unnecessary confrontation. Should the people there prove to be stubborn, a professional will always have the necessary resources to evict them legally.

Try talking to them

Some travellers are quite personable and will be willing to talk to you. Once you have made it clear to them that they are on your property, you can ask them to leave in a friendly manner. If you feel happy to allow them to hang around for a while, especially if they are not causing any disturbance, you may reach an agreement on how long they can stay.

Talk to a solicitor

Sometimes, travellers may be reluctant to talk to you, no matter how friendly you try to be. It may be a good idea to exercise a little patience with them if they are not causing any trouble at all. Keep in mind that travellers are often victims of hostility, intolerance, and racism and that is why they may seem cautious. Should you feel that even after giving them some time you are getting nowhere with negotiations, seek advice from your solicitor.

Reclaiming your land from travellers can seem like an insurmountable challenge, but it truly is not. With a little tact and some professional help, you can get your property back without a lot of hustle.