3 Easy Ways to Steer Clear Of a Plumbing Catastrophe

A plumber at workMost homeowners recoil at the thought of dealing with some of the things that plumbers encounter every day. Any plumber will tell you that they’ve pulled all manner of nightmarish stuff from drains and pipes. True, some plumbing troubles cannot be avoided, but others are the result of easily preventable errors. So how do you avoid some of those shocking plumbing disasters that plague some people?

Make friends with a reliable plumber

Some plumbing issues are the result of poor pipe installation or repairs. That’s why you should never entrust any plumbing work to an uncertified contractor. Take the time to find someone with the appropriate skills to handle your plumbing issues. Even better, make sure that it’s a professional emergency plumber in Eagle Mountain who can handle any problems you have promptly.

Keep grease, and fats away from the sink drain

Many homeowners are not very careful when cleaning utensils at home. They let grease, oils, and fats go down the drain, unaware that these things can coat the inside of pipes and create a sludge. Over time, grease builds up inside the pipe, constricting its size and messing up the drainage. The best way to dispose of grease is by pouring it into an empty container before throwing it in the trash.

Stop flushing hand wipes and paper towels down the toilet

Since the toilet has a large drainage, many people are tempted to flush just about anything in it. The problem, however, is that the drain system in a toilet is designed to carry nothing more than water and human waste. Flushing other items such as feminine products, which are non-biodegradable will only result in clogging of the toilets.

Many of the most common plumbing problems are the result of some easily avoidable habits by unsuspecting homeowners. Steering clear of these habits can spare you a lot of discomfort at home and the needless repair costs you so often encounter.