3 Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

Massage Treatment in USMassage is not simply a relaxing indulgence, but an alternative therapeutic treatment which has several heath benefits spanning across the physical and mental state. A massage is a great anxiety-busters and nerve-soother, there’s much more to a feel-good massage. Here are some benefits of a massage from a chiropractor in Murray.  

Fighting Anxiety and Depression

A massage can combat depression and anxiety by decreasing the stress-inducing cortisol hormone in the body. It is known to elevate your spirits when down, and stabilize blood pressure. It is known to normalize the heart rate, soothe tense muscles and boost secretion of the body’s feel-good chemical, endorphins. Massage stimulates a host of chemical responses within the brain that can create a relaxed feeling, reduced stress levels, and an enhanced mood.

Reducing Pain

According to a study by Time.com, about eight out of 10 people suffer from persistent back pain in the US. Along with medication, yoga and acupuncture, massage helps release the pain directly linked to the stiffness of nerves. Massage soothes tense muscles by fostering better flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area. This lowers stiffness and swelling while increasing flexibility and eliminating pain.

Improving Posture

With massage therapy, muscles are slackened and joints relaxed, owing to the relieved pressure points. This automatically lets the body go back to its natural shape in a healthy and relaxed manner, giving you the correct posture. Massage fosters more natural movements and reinforces flexibility.

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy has several benefits including fighting anxiety and depression, reducing body pain and improving posture. If you’re suffering from chronic back pain or other accident injuries/pain, hire the services of an expert massage therapist who can help you manage the pain more effectively. Chiropractors will customize their services to address your health issue.