3 Top Things That Make Clients Break Up With Their Hairdressers

Situation in a Hair salonWhen clients visit your salon, they’re always looking for different things. Some come to you for their routine hair maintenance, while others come looking for a dramatically different look. One thing they all aren’t hoping to get, however, is an unpleasant experience. One bad hair appointment could make them walk out never to come back again. Here are three negative experiences that can make your loyal clients bid you goodbye.

Failure to upgrade

Few clients want to stick to the same old hairstyle for life, so you should always be on top of the latest trends if you want your clients to keep coming back. That means researching what’s happening in the hair styling industry and making sure that your stylists are in the know, too. Sometimes, it means updating your equipment. For instance, exchange your old-fashioned hairdressing scissors for the latest ones in the market like those used by trendy salons like Scissor Tech UK.

Communication breakdown

Clients want hairdressers who listen to what they’re saying. A few inches lower than what they are looking for can result in a lot of disappointment on their part. So, ensure that you sit down with clients to discuss what exactly they want to get from an appointment, and make sure to come through.

Disregarding the example picture

There’s a reason there are example pictures on the walls of your salon. The picture of a hairstyle helps the clients communicate more succinctly. But when you simply toss that picture to the side and give your customers the opposite of what they requested, then they have no reason to ever trust you again. Wouldn’t you do the same?

Taking your salon business from a struggling startup to a success story is a challenging task, but you can still do it. A good place to start is by eliminating any mistakes that would make you lose your clients.