3 Ways to Get That Mid-century Modern Vibe in Your Home

a mid-century and modern interior of a houseA timeless appeal is always interesting to have in interiors, which is why mid-century modern is still a go-to style for homeowners. It is a way to keep up with the trend while giving your interiors an upgrade.

Enjoy its aesthetic and timeless appeal

The beauty of mid-century modern style is the marriage of form and function in each of the pieces that were the highlight of the era. Because it is timeless, the style fits with contemporary designs and blends with period styles.

For those who are living in smaller spaces, a mid-century modern style is a great option, because every space and piece has a purpose, making it a high demand for condo and apartment dwellers.

Add variety of heights and additions

If you are just looking to add a touch of this style to your home, one practical tip is to look for pieces that are still missing in your home.

Add an Italian mid-century furniture piece you can get from firms such as Authentic Provence as an accent or fill in a gap by getting a lamp of the style in the corner of your home as a good statement piece. Bring in variety by playing with the height of your furniture pieces.

Mixing up the heights of furniture is a great way to showcase this style. Go with a low coffee table paired with a high-backed for an interesting contrast.

Make a statement with colors and patterns

A mid-century modern style means being able to enjoy these strong statements within your interiors. Go with bold patterns and curves on your walls or get inspired with whimsical styles of Italian mid-century furniture to incorporate in your space.

Fabrics with unique patterns also add a unique twist to your interiors. Go for designs originally released at the height of the style’s explosion or add an interesting statement with a re-imagined take.

Experiment with your interiors’ design by choosing the best pieces that reflect a mid-century modern style.