4 Garden Activities Kids and Adults Will Love This Summer

A beautiful garden landscapeThe beauty of summer doesn’t only come from its sunny days. It can also be found in the time you get to spend with the people closest to you.

So, if you have a wide garden at home, go ahead and call for lawn weed control in Utah, spruce it up, and round up guests of your choice to enjoy these five garden activities both you and your kids will love.

1. Host a sprinkler splash party.

Of course, if you have a lawn or garden, you also have some kind of a sprinkler system. Why not keep the sprinklers on when the day is hot and host a sprinkler splash party to cool everyone down. Set up a lemonade booth and some snacks for the kids, or a minibar and a few cocktails for the adults.

2. Go stargazing.

Summer nights are often cloudless, making it the best time of the year to go stargazing. All you’ll need is a comfortable air bed, mat or a simple sleeping bag, and you’re ready to lay back and just fall in love with the millions of stars looking down on you.

3. Organize a neighborhood potluck.

Who doesn’t love potlucks? Have your kids go around the block inviting everyone to a potluck lunch at your house. It’s simple but can get really festive if everyone’s going to be in on the fun.

4. Set up an art gallery garden.

Start the day by asking everyone to paint or draw an art piece using any medium they prefer. Set up jute string lines across your garden and have everyone hang their art pieces with wooden clothespins to create a garden art gallery everyone would want to go see.

There are tons of other things you and your kids can do in your garden. Summer is the best time for you to be creative and spend some fun time with friends and family. So, go ahead and try these activities or find different ways to tweak them so you can have a summer like no other.