4 Key Tips to Long-Term Diesel Storage

Fuel tankNo one can deny the benefits of storing oil onsite, where it is readily available for use whenever you need it. You have the assurance that your equipment will never stall, particularly if you run a manufacturing company. However, there are ramifications that come with storing diesel in bulk. As it has a finite lifestyle, oil can become too degraded that it is no longer usable.

Here are tips to make sure it doesn’t happen too soon:

Invest in a quality tank

When looking for the right fuel storage tank, there are several factors you need to consider. There is, of course, the issue of price. You want to shop within your budget. More importantly, you need to observe safety.

A reliable storage tank fabrication expert should be able to recommend a high-quality tank that fits within the range of your budget. An inferior quality tank is easily susceptible to the environmental conditions and can lead to early fuel degradation.

Use stabilizers

Unlike gasoline, diesel can last longer without treatment. In fact, the approximate life lifespan of untreated diesel is a year. Untreated petrol lasts approximately nine months less. Add stabilizers to diesel, and you can have it in great condition for more than five years.

Keep diesel tanks full

There is no greater enemy to diesel than water. This is the reason you need to minimize as much space in your tank so there’s no room for condensation. Water that has collected in your tank provides an ideal habitat for bacteria and other microbes. These microbes interfere with the integrity of the diesel.

Treat diesel early

Some people wait until their fuel has completely degenerated to add fuel additives. There’s just one problem: No amount of additives can bring fuel that’s dead back to life. Therefore, use these products before you store the fuel. Additives known to prolong the life of your diesel include antioxidants, biocides, and stabilizers.

Letting diesel that you’ve stored in bulk go bad can result in crippling financial losses, not mention serious environmental pollution when such oil is disposed of. By just being a little vigilant, however, you can prevent this from happening.