4 Ways to Make Office Restroom Cleaner

Office Comfort Room MaintenanceOne cannot underestimate the importance of a clean and organised restroom. When the office is and looks clean, employees and clients are more likely to be more productive and attracted by the company services. This will also help avoid health issues and diseases.

This is especially true for the office restroom. These are four things that an office or company administration can implement so that the restroom will look better and cleaner:

Install toilet partitions in the restroom

Toilet partitions make the usage of space in a restroom more efficient. But more importantly, it makes cleaning the area much easier for the cleaners. This is because the dirt that a person brings into the restroom is limited to a small area only.

Order some commercial toilet partitions from a reliable supplier such as Duraplan so that the office restrooms of your company will look more organised and cleaner for those who use them.

Put up signage on instruction for proper usage of facilities

If your company has a standardised way for employees to ensure the cleanliness of the restrooms, there should be signage around that will remind them of the procedures. It will help a lot in keeping the room clean and dry.

Establish an anonymous reporting system

If there are one or two employees that are too lazy to clean the restroom after using, rules are not enough to address the cleanliness issue. You need to institute an anonymous reporting system for that. This will expose the culprit and will help stop the behaviour from happening again.

Book a cleaner at least once every week

Your company should go for regular cleaning of the comfort room. This is one of the areas in the workplace that is used the most. It should be cleaned at least once every week.

The employers and employees have a shared responsibility of keeping the office restroom cleaner. If they want the company to do well, they should start cleaning first. After all, the restroom reflects the cleanliness of everyone who uses it.