5 Things You Should Not Do After a Fire

Woman with her burned houseWhat you do or don’t do after the fire trucks have left will determine the extent of damage the fire had on your home and belongings. Here are five things you should never do after a fire.

1.    Don’t Rush into DIY Cleaning

You should not rush into cleaning smoke damaged walls or painted surfaces. Also, don’t attempt shampooing your carpets or upholstery.

Disturbing lead-based paints and asbestos increase the hazard. Your hurried efforts may also embed soot particles into surfaces.

Therefore, limit your movement in the house. Talk to a fire damage restoration professional from Certified Disaster Services in Ogden before you try washing anything.

2.    Don’t Use Electrical Appliances Until They’ve Been Checked

Heat, smoke, water, and steam can all damage electrical appliances. Consult an electrician about appliances that were close to the fire, heat, smoke or water. Wait for the repair service before you clean appliance or use those gadgets.

3.    Don’t Rely on Ordinary Dry Cleaners

Smoke smell and soot can often be washed from garments. However, don’t send clothing to just any other dry cleaner. Improper cleaning methods may just set smoke odor.

4.    Don’t Switch on Ceiling Fixtures Until Ceiling Is Dry

Is the ceiling wet? If so, don’t turn on your ceiling fixtures. The wiring might be damaged.

5.    Don’t Use Any Food That May Have Been Contaminated

A house fire exposes food to fire, heat, smoke, chemical, and water damage. Throw out all food items and household goods exposed to toxic fumes. Don’t use or give your pet any food whose safety is in doubt. Even foods that were in the fridge or freezer could be unsafe.

Fire and smoke damage are not the only things to worry about after a fire. Firefighting efforts may also lead to extensive water or chemical damage. After a fire, your home may then have hazards that could put you and your belongings at risk. Avoid doing things that may exacerbate the damage.