A 4×4 Is Your Best Choice For The Ultimate New Zealand Adventure

People talking beside carsNew Zealand may be a remote place, but going there is well worth the time and money. Known as the adventure capital of the world, it has everything any tourist can dream of, from breathtaking sceneries, jaw-dropping beaches, and amazing spots for everyone looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Thanks to its topography, New Zealand is a haven for off-road adventurers, as well, and there’s no better way to experience that in the country than with a 4×4 vehicle that can be rented from a car-for-hire company in Auckland.

If you’re a first-timer in New Zealand, you will be better off exploring the terrain and the remote countryside in a 4-wheel drive tour or an off-road tour. With a guide, you will not miss the best sceneries and the most thrilling routes.

You might wonder, why rent a 4×4 as you have not driven one back in your place? Won’t a sedan or a van do? If you will be sticking to paved roads only, these vehicles should be enough, but that won’t get you the thrill of going off road and experiencing the best that New Zealand can offer.

A 4×4, on the other hand, will give you these advantages for off-road driving:

Higher Traction

Because all four wheels (the reason it’s called a 4×4) get power from the engine at the same time, not only is the vehicle pushed by the rear tires, it’s also pulled by the front, making it easier to handle even the toughest landscape, mud and salt included.

Stability & Control

The extra power on all wheels gives the 4×4 more traction on the road, therefore more stability as the driver has better control of the vehicle. The car typically has a higher driver’s seat, providing the person more visibility on the road. It also has a higher ground clearance so that it can just pass by rocks and other debris.

More Space

4x4s are typically humongous machines, which mean more space for you and your companions plus whatever you have thought of bringing with you on your adventure. This can include camping equipment, fishing gear, and others.

Great Driving Experience

With a 4×4 you will definitely feel its power, but you remain the one in control. Its assuring traction and stability will give you peace of mind even as you tackle New Zealand’s rugged and challenging terrain.

These are just the more obvious advantages of a 4×4 compared to other vehicles that you can rent while you’re in New Zealand. Of course, it will all depend on where you want to go and what you want to experience. But for the ultimate high, nothing beats this beast.