American Homes to Rekindle Their Interest in Wood Designs

Wood slabsWood provides a natural ambiance for interior spaces while adding warmth and sophistication that makes it a perennial choice among many homeowners.

In 2018, Americans will reconsider incorporating more wooden designs to customize their homes. Design firms should see this as an opportunity to showcase their ability for producing custom designs. A laser-etching machine for wood is just one way for doing so.

Statement Design

Some design trends this year will include wood as no longer just exclusive for creating “cabin” style houses. Interior designers will use wood in combination with glass, metal and other materials to achieve a modern look. A particular trend involves the use of paneled walls against a background of glass or metal furniture.

When planning a statement design, pay attention to the ceiling as well. Some homeowners often overlook it as part of the overall design concept, so companies should suggest creating a finished look. It will not only add visual depth in an enclosed space but also lead eyes to explore much of overhead space.

Sustainable Trends

The use of reclaimed wood will be another trend this year since more people will be more environmentally conscious. Aged wood can be personalized with laser engraving or cutting, so using recycled wood it should not lead you to think that there are limited design options.

Barn doors, for instance, could be used as headboards for beds or dining tables. Wooden sliding doors can also be an option, particularly if the house has no space for a hinged door. Depending on the homeowner’s preferences, using weathered wood can add a vintage look to interior spaces.


Wood has many uses for interior design, and with the right tools and materials, there are limitless options for adding a personal touch to a home. How do you plan to create custom wood designs?