An Insulated Garage Door Offers Energy Efficiency

Garage Door in Salt Lake CityInsulated garage doors are not just another innovation. They are a crucial part of your home in Salt Lake City. Considering the extreme temperatures in the winter and summer, you need a garage door that works effectively in both climatic extremes.

Enhancing efficiency in extreme weather conditions

During the winter, the extreme cold temperatures cause the door and its components to contract and, as a result, interfere with the mechanical and electrical functionality of the gate. Also, the oil used on the springs can freeze and clog them up.

On the other hand, in the summer, extremely hot temperatures cause the door to expand, likewise interfering with the functionality of the door.

An insulated garage door is not susceptible to extreme temperatures. The insulation acts as a barrier for heat transmission between the garage and its environment, ensuring optimal functionality of the door throughout the year.

Noise control

An uninsulated garage door can be quite noisy. It can be irritating especially if the gate is adjacent to your living room or bedroom. The insulation keeps away the noise by preventing direct contact between the metallic moving parts. It also keeps away the noise from a noisy neighborhood.

The good news about insulated garage doors is they can be customized to suit the architectural and aesthetic design of your home. Even with wooden garage doors, a polystyrene insulator can be sandwiched between the layers of wood to boost insulation.

Improve insulation efficiency

For maximum functional efficiency of your insulated garage door, ensure that it is well sealed. There are various types of seals available, including threshold seal, weatherstripping, and bottom seal. The seal keeps the insulator in place and also prevents dirt, water, and other unwanted substances away.

For electrically operated garage doors, insulation ensures that the motor is not working extra hard to get the door moving. As a result, this will significantly save you on the cost of energy.

Garage doors serve many purposes in a home. Don’t wait for your garage door in Salt Lake City to break down for you to invest in an insulated one.