Be a Beautiful Stranger: The First Things People May Notice About You

Your StyleHave you ever wondered what people think of you when they first see you? Whether you’re at work, while shopping or you’re just walking at the park, you will definitely meet many people who’ll look at you and make impressions of you based on what you look. Many people are wrong about someone, but you’ll never get away with what first impressions can do to you and your future relationships with others. Take a look at some of these things people notice about you first.

Your Style

Your clothes, shoes, and accessories say a lot about you already. Your clothing style is what some people look at you first to know what kind of person you are. They can tell if you’re conservative or a liberated type of person, so mind your style and tell people who you are through what you wear.

Your Hair

The hair is one of your unique features, which distinguishes you from others. Industry professional Circles of Subiaco shares that a wide variety of colors and styles are now trending – from long to short, straight or curly, or violet to red. Express yourself through your hair by letting the best hairdresser in town do the magic for you. Give your crowning glory the best treatment as people love seeing nice and unique hairs from others.

Your Smell

Whether you use sweet perfumes or simple ones, your smell can also tell a lot about your personality. It may even drive people away or draw people near you. The secret is to pick a nice but not so strong perfume and smell like a friendly one.

Your Eyes

As the cliched saying goes, the eyes are the windows to the soul. Most people notice your eyes first to figure out what you’re feeling or thinking. Others look at it to know whatever your motive is or how you think about them too.

You see, different people look at different things, but these things are the general ones people notice first. Remember though that there’s more than meets the eye; however, first impressions can also last. Smiling and being comfortable with yourself is still the best thing people will notice about you first.