Before Moving into a New House: A Checklist to Reduce Stress

Photo of a house with a drive wayWhat do you need to do before moving in? After an exhaustive search through the different properties for rent in Stratford Taranaki, and the closing process, you might think you’re done. But you’re not, because now you need to prepare to move into your new home.

Whether it’s an old house or a new property, moving in tends to get stressful. Here is a quick checklist that may eliminate some of the problems from a big move.

1. Make sure the house is clean.

When tenants move out, most property owners will give the house a professional cleaning in preparation for a new tenant. Sometimes the house remains vacant for an extended period. So it collects dust, which means another round of cleanup. You can get everyone in your family to do a bit of dusting and tidying, or hire professional cleaners before you move in. This way, you move into a dust-free home.

Incidentally, you can use the same cleaning service for when you host a housewarming party.

2. Change the locks, or install a security system.

Once you get the keys to your new house, find a reliable locksmith to install new locks. Changing the locks not only gives you a sense of ownership. It also ensures your security in the new property.

As soon as you change the locks and acquire a new key, get extra ones for the family members. It’s very easy to lose keys when moving. As long as you haven’t established a routine in your new house, save yourself the inconvenience of losing the only key.

3. Change your address.

Change your address before moving in.  of your new address so your mail is redirected without problems. You’ll also want to inform other relevant organisations, like banks and insurance companies.

Finally, make sure that everything is in working order at your new home and in accordance with your purchase contract. Check that the water, electricity, and telephone connections are on before you arrive.

With proper planning and organisation, you can reduce the problems associated with moving into a new place. And you can enjoy your new home.