Big Sales Projected for HVAC Systems in 2017

HVAC SystemsThere’s no doubt that the genius of HVAC systems has made our lives easier. Indoor air quality, fluctuating temperatures and dust control are all issues that these machines can easily solve — there’s definitely a lot we should be thanking them for.

Rising Star of the Market

Based on a report from Victoria, Australians not only use their HVAC systems on very hot days, but to save energy and improve the air quality in their homes as well. There have been countless of studies on the ill effects of bad air quality on the human body and no other equipment has compared to the performance of an HVAC system. Reliable HVAC companies like Masterflow Solutions see the HVAC system as a practical, cost-effective and sustainable solution to problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye but heavily affect overall human health.

2016 was a wonderful year for the HVAC industry, given the 500 percent year-over-year sales growth the market experienced in the last twelve months. New office constructions, warehouse projects and retail installations attributed to the success of the HVAC industry were witnessed all over the world, in fact. This was a big jump from the sales from the last few years and experts expect the trend to continue into the upcoming year.

Hopeful Prediction

According to a survey given to almost 1,400 HVACR manufacturers worldwide by AHR Expo and ASHRAE Journal, the market is very optimistic for 2017. Among those surveyed, around 86% of respondents see a bright future for their sales this year. The minority who weren’t as enthusiastic as the others still had fairly satisfactory responses and are still hopeful about what’s to come.

The respondents of the survey also believe that energy efficiency is the most important trend or issue in the HVAC industry in 2017. Manufacturers continue to further develop their systems according to the big issues and promise improved reliability in the next few months.

The peak in HVAC sales denote that there are more business opportunities for HVAC experts and, more importantly, that there are more people who want to improve their lives by improving air quality.