Boring No More: 3 Ideas to Decorating Your House with Neutrals — the Unboring Way

Couple looking at home deco suggestionsIt’s no wonder most homeowners in Wellington go for neutral interiors: the colour scheme makes the space look so sophisticated and expensive. What’s more, it’s versatile, stylish in any season and against different trends.

While neutrals are a safe choice when it comes to sprucing up your space, that ‘safe’ sometimes borders into flat and bland. You don’t want that, of course. So, before you call your painters to do their magic, here are some tactics to keep in mind to make sure your neutral colour scheme doesn’t end up in the boring houses list:

1. Go For A Transitional Colour

Contrary to what most people believe, neutral colour schemes are not just the bland greys or the simple whites. They can be actual hues, provided that they offer a nice base for all the other colours in the room. So you can go for a neutral that has a little bit more colour.

One way to do that is to use transitional colour, which has a combination of warm and cool undertones. For the best selection of such hues, ask your house painters; Wellington experts will be able to give you options other than the too-simple greys and whites.

2. Bring Out The Texture

When colours have relatively the same look, it’s more important to apply the principle of texture in the space. This will break the visual monotony in the hues and provide points of interest. So, add texture as much as you can to the space.

Mix and match smooth, rough, soft, and ragged textures. Use linens, area rugs, and velvets in your furnishings. On the walls, you can have bricks, stones, or glass. Whatever you do, bring out texture as much as you can.

3. Focus On Architectural Details

One of the mistakes homeowners make when designing with neutrals is they underestimate the simplicity of its interiors, failing to see that it’s the perfect backdrop for highlighting design elements, the perfect opportunity to add architectural details.

For instance, the simple addition of wainscoting or chair rails could add visual interest to your walls. Having ceiling medallions and mouldings could easily turn your simple-looking ceilings into a stunning, sophisticated one.

Neutral colour schemes don’t have to be bland and boring. In fact, when done properly, it will give your space a timeless style. So throw the boring out of the window.