How Can Invisalign in SW14 Help Straighten Teeth Discreetly

Invisalign bracesIn recent years, an increasing number of teenagers and adults are turning away from metal braces as they explore alternative, more discreet teeth straightening methods. Although metal braces have been around for a very long time and they continue to be very reliable and offer great results, they are still visible and can compromise a person’s appearance and self-esteem.

For image-conscious professional adults and teenagers, Invisalign is the ideal solution. This innovative system consists of a series of clear, removable aligners that help move the teeth into their correct position within a specific timeframe. However, the basic appeal of Invisalign in SW14, which is available in dental practices including Sheen Dental, is invisibility. Invisalign aligners are barely visible allowing patients to continue their daily lives without worrying about their teeth.

How does Invisalign work?

Invisalign treatment consists of a series of transparent, removable aligners that are customised to fit each patient’s teeth. Each set of aligners is precisely made to make slight adjustments to the teeth, based on the precise plan the dentist has created for the patient. Every 7-10 days patient switches to a new set of aligners, until theyhave reached the final stage of the treatment.

Invisalign aligners move teeth through placing the appropriate pressure on them, just like regular braces. However, this movement is controlled meaning that only the teeth designated to move during that time frame will move. The dentist will carefully map out the sequence in which a patient’s teeth should move in order to reach their final destination, and the series of aligners will be created following that information.

Who is eligible for Invisalign in SW14?

Invisalign is very comfortable, easy to use and very effective. Sadly, though, not everyone can take advantage of this treatment due to some restrictions. While Invisalign is great for patients with common dental issues related to crooked and misaligned teeth, it is not the right option for patients with severely misaligned teeth or complex bite problems. In this case, a dentist may recommend traditional braces before moving to Invisalign. Finally, though there is a special type of Invisalign for teenagers.