Car Lifts that You May Want to Consider

A Car Being Lifted If you are planning to open a car repair garage, then you would have to purchase one of the most important tools you will need in your business: the automotive lift or the car lift. And among the brands that offer this product, one brand name stands out from the rest: Bendpak.

Whenever you see one for sale, BendPak car lifts are probably the most recognizable product line of these types of machines. However, there are still many kinds of lifts under the brand name.

Here are some models you may want to consider.


This new version of the XPR 9FD has a more extensive drive. They are ideal when you have to work with smaller trucks and other compact vehicles. It can take a load of up to 9,000 lbs, has dual direct drive cylinders with low pressure, and comes in two-post lift format.

As for accessories, you can get van and truck adaptors, or lift carriages that are taller, etc., making them ideal for small shop owners.


This is ideal for larger and heavier vehicles and comes in two-post versions. You can use this as an asymmetrical and symmetrical lift because of its unique carriage. The design is exclusive and allows for door opening too. They come with several useful accessories and can handle a load of 10,000 lb.

HDS 14 X

This is a four-post car lift from BendPak life and is for bigger league vehicles, as it can handle 14,000 lbs. It is perfect for extra-long limousines and is a necessary have for all auto shops. Structured with extra safety and durability in mind, it comes with a drive through inclines that are optional and rolling jacks and dip trays.

This is just an overview of what kind of BendPak car lift you can get for your car repair shop. There are, of course, other brands and models to choose from. Happy hunting!