Caring for Wood Floors and Furniture

Wood FloorWood gives off that rustic and classy vibe almost anywhere it is applied. Even classy vehicles sometimes have wood trimmings, a testament to the popularity of the organic material among many customers.

In houses and offices around the world, wood is a common presence. Whether it’s built-in cabinets, shelves, floors, or furniture, wood is a favorite.

Unlike many other materials, however, wood has certain demands. It needs care. Because it already brings that special appeal in its natural state, it isn’t always painted. Wood is often more good-looking when it is polished or smoothed to a shine. To protect its natural beauty, color, and shine, here are some ideas from

Keep wood away from the sun

The sun will cause your wood furniture or floor to dry and lose their luster. They will look paler where the rays of the sun are able to reach them. To protect wood furniture, do not position them near windows, doors, skylights, and other areas where the sun can reach them. Use curtains or blinds if you can’t avoid placing them near windows.

It’s not just direct sunlight you have to worry about. Reflections from objects like mirrors, shiny trinkets, and similar items can also damage your wooden furniture and floors.

Exposure to sunlight is one of the reasons hardwood floor refinishing in Meridian, ID, is sometimes needed to bring back the luster of home or office floors.

Wipe spills immediately from wooden floors

Wipe spills dry as soon as possible. Water and other liquids don’t have a good relationship with water. To clean your floors, use a vacuum with an attachment that has soft bristles. You can also use a soft broom.

Care for wooden furniture

To clean wood furniture, you can use a dishwashing soap and water mixture with a soft cloth, but do it only for deep-seated gunk, and wipe it dry immediately. Stick to one manufacturer-approved wood polish. Using different products may make the surface even duller and you’ll have to spend more money to have professional restore it to its former shine.

Wood is a timeless material beloved by any generation. Always give your wooden floors and furniture the care they need to enjoy their beauty for a longer time.