Choosing the Right Plywood for Your Interiors

wood color samplesPlywood is one of the basic materials that you can use for your home. Even the most modern house can add warmth by having plywood as one of their accent points. If you need help in choosing the right plywood for a particular part of the home, take note of these tips.

Understand Exposure Ratings

Plywood for interior décor has given specific exposure ratings, which is important for people who are living in humid locations or places that receive more rain. An individual rates softwood plywood according to one of these four exposure ratings:

  • Exterior rating means that the plywood has a waterproof bond. It is suitable for areas permanently exposed to weather or moisture.
  • Exposure 1 rating has a waterproof glue joint suited for use where the construction process will subject the plywood to extended periods of weather exposure.
  • Exposure 2 rating is for protected construction areas.
  • The interior rating limits the use of the plywood strictly in protected interior environments.

Go for the Best Plywood Grade

When you’re shopping for quality interior plywood, you’ll likely come across a grading system. The letter grading for plywood for interior improvements is easy to remember. The grades range from A (the highest) to D (the lowest).

Consider Block Boards

Block boards are wooden panels used when the site in the home requires plywood that does not bend or wrap. They are ideal for people who want to have long bookshelves, tables, benches, flush doors and beds. Additionally, this type of plywood would be perfect in creating bespoke furniture pieces and décor. Understanding exposure ratings, opting for the best plywood grade and considering block boards are some of the tips you can take note when deciding on the right plywood for your home. If you need further assistance in choosing plywood, don’t hesitate to ask a knowledgeable contractor.