Clear Bra Coverage: What are the Different Types?

vehicle protected by domeA vehicle is among the biggest investments you will make in your life. Protecting it with a professionally installed clear bra extends protection not only on the surface paint but preserves the integrity of your vehicle and thus increasing its trade-in value.

Besides protecting your vehicle and increasing its overall value, a clear bra is easy to maintain. Besides the ordinary washing with water, you do not require doing anything else.

That said, here are the various types of clear bra coverage you may purchase for your vehicle in Mesa Arizona.

Front kit protection

This type is used to cover the entire bumper, headlights, rear trunk, side mirrors, fog lights, and door handles. However, this method is considered as a minimalist approach to vehicle protection as it only covers the front edge leaving the other areas exposed. As such, you should only go for it if you have budget constraints, as it is better protection than no protection at all.

Full end clear protection

For a majority, the full front edge protection is considered as a sheer minimum for ultimate protection. This category thus upgrades the coverage to accommodate the full front fenders and the full hood of your car. This not only maximizes protection but also prevents the formation of any lines across the fenders and the hood.

Track package clear bra wrap

So far, this is considered the most popular and effective clear bra protection package. Reason being, it covers the roof edge, the lower door strips, and portions, the rocker panel, the area behind the rear wheel, all the way to the full front edge of the car.

Regardless of the coverage option that you go for, covering the vehicle with the right coating will provide you with more luster, chemical resistance, gloss, and increased ease of cleaning of the surface. This ensures that you have a functional and aesthetically pleasing vehicle for longer.