Cooling Costs: Save Money on an Air Conditioning Service

air conditioning unitCooling systems have become a part of everyone’s home and office, especially during the summer season. Regardless of the kind of air conditioning unit you have – centralized, window or split – it is possible to save a lot of money on electric bills by following these simple tips from Airtime Heating & Cooling:

At the Installation Level

  • The size of the unit should be based on the size of room, number of windows and the direction of the wind. A big unit for a small room will use up more energy.
  • Have a high-energy efficient unit installed even if it is a little pricey. It will save you money in the end due to less electricity bills.
  • Replace the filters during the peak season and have a professional company handle the regular maintenance of the unit.
  • Replace the unit if it’s already old, as older units were not designed to conserve energy. Again, the costs will be recovered in a few years.
  • Installing a thermostat that can help you program the temperature is advisable. You can increase the temperature if you’re going to be away from home for more than a couple of hours.
  • The condensers should be in a cooler area, especially when they’re outside, as in a split unit.

At the User Level

  • Plant trees around the house to decrease the effect of sun’s heat. Choosing a lighter shade of paint on the house exterior will also help.
  • Close the drapes and fix awnings and reflective tints on the windows, especially on the sunnier side of your home.
  • The cooling costs can be reduced if there are no air leaks. You can also lower the temperature in the room by regularly using the ceiling fan.
  • Avoid opening and closing the door often. Warm air moves towards cooler atmospheres. Thus, the unit will have to work harder to cool the room if the door is open constantly.
  • Turn off all heat generating equipments like stoves, lights, computers and other office equipment when not in use.

So, it’s possible to save money over a period and benefit from a functional and efficient cooling system. The savings might appear insignificant at the beginning, but they add up to a huge one on an annual basis.

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