Creative Places Where Freelancers Hang Out, Work, and Live

Cafe Work Space

London has continued to attract talent in various professional fields as its freelancer community grows. As the digital economy picks up the pace, London is fast growing as a melting pot for many freelancers in diverse areas of professional specialisation. Employment patterns are rapidly changing with spillover effects in other areas such as real estate. It is anticipated that the freelance community will continue to grow and even have a deep impact on the British economy. According to IPSE, the freelance economy in the UK has seen a twenty-five percent growth since 2009 with annual revenue in the region of £109 billion

In the city of London, there is a continually growing army of freelancers providing services to companies ranging in size from small to large-scale. Two examples are Google and ASOS in the UK. Both companies retain a workforce that is composed largely of freelancers. This famous ‘gig economy’ also enables people to work remotely, from different parts of the world, for UK-based companies.

The spillover effect is also felt in the property market as young professionals aspire to find work-and-living accommodation that matches their peculiar needs and pockets. Thus, investors are keenly observing the trend; and, as LHA London tells us, in areas like Central London, hostels are springing up to meet this growing demand. Such hostels have fast become the go-to living space of not only the young set of millennial travellers, but also of creative freelancers.

Here are some creative ways freelancers are meeting the demands for work spaces in London.


The perk of freelancing is the ability to work remotely, from any location with the tools necessary to the freelancer’s trade. As such, many young professionals choose to stay in a hostel, not only for the unique cultural experience it affords but also for the comfort of “working from home.” Hostels are affordable, usually centrally-located and offer communal areas which can double up as a work space.

Business Clubs

Across London, business clubs are sprouting to cater to the needs of freelancers looking for work spaces that provide the necessities without frills. Some of these clubs even provide extensive services for their members and in many cases, charge for the additional services.


These offer the basic amenities that include Wi-Fi and shared space for working on your laptop. This remains an alternative for many freelancers even though the conveniences are limited.

Shared Office Space / Co-Work Space

Co-work spaces are among the most popular options for freelancers who have probably moved up the rung of the ladder sufficiently to afford personal space without the trappings of a full-blown office accommodation. Not too expensive but provides the right ambience.

As the freelancer community grows in the UK, the need for both work and home accommodation also rises. Many freelancers can get decent accommodation in the core areas of the city, choosing hostels and the like for the convenience and ease of movement these afford.