Culture Media: A Quick Glimpse

Chemist checking cultured specimen on a dishOne would encounter different kinds of terms depending on their field of work. For scientists, culture media is an essential part of scientific research.

Manufacturers create culture media and deliver them to laboratories in New Zealand to all around the world. Its main purpose is to help cultivate organisms for their growth and expand research in biology, agriculture, and every field of science.

What is culture media?

Culture media helps cultivate organisms as it contains nutrients that are necessary for microbial growth. There are different types of microorganisms, and there are also different kinds of culture media one can use for a specific culture growth. A culture can either be solid or liquid. Solid culture is more commonly known as agar.

What are some of the different types of culture media?

Preservation Culture Media 

This has all the nutrients necessary to preserve a certain type of microorganism for a long period. Its main purpose is to allow the microorganism grow in a secure environment and protect it from any possible damage.

Enrichment Culture Media

Usually taken from pond water, this type of culture media allows microorganisms to grow and multiply by providing its needed nutrients.

Selective Culture Media

This is a special type of media which inhibits the growth of other microorganisms while allowing the growth of specific ones.

Differential Culture Media

Bacteria is differentiated from one over the other with the use of a specific marker to identify which bacteria is which.

Resuscitation Culture Media

This culture media can give microorganisms damaged by the environmental factors a second lease of life. Those microorganisms that lost its ability to grow and reproduce regain their metabolism by providing them nutrients they lack.

Culture media is an essential part of any modern scientific research. Without it, scientists cannot test the efficacy of drugs to human cells. Without these, human scientific and development would not be where it is.