Do You Have a Metabolic Syndrome? Get Some Avocados!


They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. If you have a metabolic syndrome, though, you may want to add some avocados in your fruit bowl.

Metabolic syndrome refers to a condition characterized by obesity, high cholesterol, and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, and even certain forms of cancer.

Although it is not a disease itself, it is still dangerous. Worse, its symptoms can start subtly you would not know you are already suffering from it. It can also turn chronic, which means it gradually destroys your body unless you do something to manage it.

The good news about this condition is you can cope with it, and it is possible to live very long lives. In fact, in certain cases, you can reverse its effects on the body. But you need aids, and these include an avocado.

How Avocado Deals with Metabolic Syndrome

A study provided by Wiley showed how avocados could help you manage the various risk factors associated with the metabolic syndrome. Researchers studied the effects of its components against blood pressure, body mass index, and cholesterol, among others.

The investigation suggested the components had the strongest effect on the lipid profile, which also included cholesterol. Previous studies have already shown how the fruit is an excellent source of healthy fat.

It Also Helps the Skin

The effects of avocados, though, go beyond the inside. They may also improve the condition of your skin. Usually, people who have the condition develop acanthosis negricans, which is the dark discoloration of the skin. It usually occurs in places with folds such as the armpits and the back of the neck.

It is a manifestation of increased insulin resistance. If you have a metabolic syndrome, you are also prone to dry skin, which is itchy and vulnerable to inflammation. To help deal with that, you can use avocado hand lotions that retain whatever little moisture your skin has and supplements it.

These are the ways avocados can help address the effects of metabolic syndrome. The next time you go to the fruit market to buy your supply, do not forget to get some avocados.