Do Your Windows Need Professional Cleaning?

Woman in braids cleaning the windowAs many homeowners think that they can do window cleaning on their own, the need to call the pros is often overlooked. The sad part is, this seemingly simple and easy task can become difficult and potentially dangerous, especially when cleaning the exterior of high windows or those located in the second or third floor.

If you’re still contemplating whether or not you need professional cleaning, Salt Lake City home window washing service companies share some things that can help you make up your mind:

Identify and address window problems

Professional window cleaners can detect general problems, such as wood rot, ill-fitting screens, and damaged windows. Early detection and repairs can save you money in the future, with an added benefit of keeping you and your family safe.

Extend your window’s life

Apart from removing dirt and dust, professional washers can also get rid of the contaminants (such as oxidation, hard water, and acid rain) and maintain the functionality of your windows. They can also restore and treat the glass to extend its life and service.

Get rid of insect infestation

Insects like bees, bugs, and hornets can build nests in corners and crevices of your windows. These nests may cause damage and make your windows a little more difficult to operate. Professional washers spot this and eliminate insect infestation.

Have the right tools and equipment

Window cleaners have the right supplies and tools to clean your window without damaging them. They also know how to take extra care of windows that need special cleaning. This is especially true for stained or leaded glass, which can be damaged using ammonia-based cleaners.

Save valuable time and keep you safe

Cleaning large and high windows can be a time-consuming task. Professional cleaners can finish the project faster and more efficiently. They can also help you prevent injuries due to ladder falls, as well as the need to stretch to reach every corner of the window.

Don’t underestimate the value of professional window washing. It is best to have your windows cleaned professionally at least once a year and get in touch with a reliable window cleaning company.