Don’t Let Dirt Hurt: Not Cleaning Your Car Has Serious Consequences

car cleaningYou believe in the saying, ‘It’s what’s inside that matters’, and you sincerely follow it when comes to vehicle maintenance. You change oil regularly, replace old and worn out parts, and even get a regular engine tune-up. You skip regular cleaning and washing, thinking that it will never compromise your car’s performance.

The sad truth is, a dirty car is more than just smelly and unsightly. Dirt and dust can actually hurt your car, and ruin your purse in the long run. Dirt accumulation can wear down and weaken your car’s paint. notes that dust can also mix with other pollutants, which can scratch the paint right off.

Car Paint Problems

Excessive dirt greatly affects car’s paint, which protect the body from harsh weather and industrial elements. When the paint starts to chip off or scratch, it can expose the vehicle’s body to moisture. When this happens, the metal will start to rust and spread to other vehicle components. The worst part is, it can weaken the vehicle’s body and even expose vital parts.

Regular Cleaning and Waxing

While oil change and engine tune-up are important in maintaining your car, you should not underestimate the value of regular cleaning and washing. It is best not to skip the wax, as it keeps your car looking good and creates a barrier between the paint and weather elements. When you clean and wax properly, you can protect the vehicle’s paint and even extend its life.

Remove Rust Immediately

If rust is already in the vehicle, act immediately. Experts suggest taking it to a car repair shop to fix and restore your vehicle to its original position. Professional car rust repair can prolong paint job and increase the car’s resale value.

If you fail to remove dirt and pollutants immediately, you’re giving them enough time to do their work, which mainly involves damaging the paint. It is best to wash your car at least once a week to prevent dirt accumulation. You can also take it to a repair shop for car maintenance like dent repair services.