Equipment Use Basics: Using Earth-moving Equipment in Winter

Truck on the Road in WinterWinter in Australia is just around the corner. If you have earth-moving equipment, such as dozers, loaders and excavators, it’s important to keep them in good repair so they don’t cause problems that could impact the completion of construction projects. When using earth-moving equipment, keep these things in mind to ensure they still operate in peak condition during the winter months.

Inspect and Warm up the Equipment Before Use

Before proceeding with the usual construction work, inspect your equipment for any problems. says that one way to take care of heavy equipment would be to check that all parts are working. If you spot any major problems, don’t attempt to start the machine up. Have it repaired by a qualified technician first, instead.

After inspecting the equipment, warm the machinery up. Never attempt to drive a loader or dozer immediately, especially if the weather has been very cold recently. This can cause the machine to malfunction or damage its parts. Thus, be sure to start the machine and wait for it to warm up completely before beginning to drive.

Exercise Caution Around Bodies of Water

When operating the equipment, be cautious around bodies of water. Even if the surface looks solid while covered in snow, there may be ice underneath it. A heavy excavator, for instance, could go right through the ice if you drive it in the wrong location. It would be advisable to inspect the construction area thoroughly to avoid this.

Store the Equipment in an Enclosed Space

After finishing the construction work for the day, don’t park your equipment in an outdoor storage area. Once the temperature falls, the cold could damage components of your heavy equipment. So, be sure to store the equipment in an enclosed space. Furthermore, keep the enclosed space at room temperature to fully protect your earth-moving equipment from cold damage.

Inspecting and warming up the equipment, exercising caution and storing the equipment in an enclosed area can help keep heavy machines in top condition throughout winter. Earth-moving machines that run efficiently during the cold season can minimise costly downtime and potential repairs.