Factors to Consider when Building a Swimming Pool

Yard poolA swimming pool is an excellent addition to any property. However, before you get into the grunt work or get any contractor on board, consider these important factors first. These will help make sure the project go smoothly, within budget, and on schedule.


Before anything else, try and evaluate your yard for aspects like space and its soil type. Some yards will need additional work before it can be ready for construction. In particular, yards with a rocky surface, high water table, or sandy soil could be cause for building issues. And you may have to spend more than the usual budget when building a pool on such types of yards.


Who will be using the pool? A family-friendly pool looks quite different than when it’s primarily used for exercise, for instance. It’ll be easy to decide on other aspects of pool design like materials, shape, and size as they’re tailored to meet the specifications of the pool’s primary users. For example, a family pool might include a shallow area for kids.

Pool Design

Dolphin Pools & Spas, a reputable pool contractor, notes that your home’s architecture and style are important considerations when deciding the pool’s design, since it should have a complementary design. A free-form swimming pool, for instance, doesn’t match well with a colonial house. But if you’re set on a specific design, hire a landscape specialist and pool contractor in Salt Lake City to walk you through the process as they might suggest a transition landscaping in the area between the pool and your main house.


To optimize the pool’s potential for enjoyment and its aesthetic value to your property, you might want to have additional features. Tanning ledges, lighting, automatic cover, spa, and a waterfall are some of the common additional features you might want to consider.

Having a swimming pool in your yard not only offers heaps of fun and enjoyment for your family, you could see it as an investment as well. Having this feature will dramatically increase the price of your property; plus, you don’t have to go far to enjoy quality time with your loved ones.