Finding a Reliable Ally: Red Flags to Watch Out for When Choosing an Estate Agent

An estate brokerTo have the right estate agent who can assist you in purchasing your dream home or in selling your current house quickly is an ideal situation to be in. The wrong agent, however, can mess up the deal and leave you in disarray.

Despite the massive stake involved in the transaction, many sellers and buyers still do not give much thought to choosing estate agents in their Penge neighbourhood. Prevent the worse from happening by looking out for the red flags listed below:

1. Your potential agent recommends that you sell your home for the highest possible rate.

If you plan on selling your home, request for listing presentations from a minimum of three different agents. They will be able to inform you regarding the rates that similar homes have sold for and the length it took for these to sell. When you price your home way too high at the beginning means that it will take longer to sell. If it does sell, it will eventually sell for less.

2. Your potential agent is in the real estate business as a part-timer.

It does not matter if you are a seller or a buyer because you do not want an agent who does not actively follow the real estate market every day. If you want to sell, you need an agent who is always there to show potential buyers around your house. If you want to buy, you need an agent who is always there to show you new listings.

3. Your potential agent is a family member or relative.

When you choose a family member or a relative, it could only lead to resentment and might even delay your transaction. An exception, however, is when they work full time as an estate agent who specialises in the area. A pro tip: Do not get relatives and family members involved if you do not want to cause a ripple in your relationship.

Most home buyers and sellers pick the wrong agent mainly because they get astonished by the agent’s impeccable listing demonstrations. Do not simply take their word for it and double check the facts.