Finding the Right Engagement Ring for Your Fiancee

A Hand with an Engagement RingThere’s probably nothing more stressful for a man than buying than an engagement ring. There’s a lot of emotion that goes into buying something as symbolic as a ring to embody your commitment to each other. But once you’ve found the girl of your dreams and you’re ready to pop the question, you’ll want to know what it takes to find the perfect engagement ring.

Finding a Jeweler

There are many jewelers in Utah that sell engagement rings, but AAA Jewelers recommends going to those that can prove that their stones are certified by the Gemological Institute of America or the American Gemological Institute.

Study the Four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat)

  • Cut – This refers to the angles of the facets of the diamond and how well it will sparkle in the light. It’s not to be confused with shape, which you should consider based on your future fiancee’s personality.
  • Color – Diamond colors range from D (colorless) to Z (canary yellow). This property doesn’t indicate beauty as much as it does the rarity of the diamond. Colorless stones cost more, naturally.
  • Clarity – This refers to the flaws found in a stone, with almost perfect clarity rated IF (internally flawless). If you have a small budget, it’s okay to compromise on clarity since not a lot of people will be able to make out inclusions in the stone.
  • Carat – The size of the diamond matters, as your girl will likely want to show off her engagement ring to her friends.

Style, Personality, and Budget

If you’re planning to surprise her, do your best to pick up hints your girlfriend may drop. Pay attention to her existing jewelry to find out what styles she likes. If you’re completely clueless, consider recruiting one of her close girlfriends for help.

You may encounter temptations to upgrade, and it will be difficult to resist them. After all, you will want to get the best for your girl. Unfortunately, this could set you back financially if you’re not ready.

Whatever you decide to spend for an engagement ring, make sure you set a budget that’s right for you, while still allowing for some room for flexibility in case you truly want to upgrade.