Five Reasons Your School Needs a Canopy

School CanopyA school is a place for fun and learning. And what more to make it enjoyable and secure than providing ground improvements that will surely benefit everyone. One key addition to a school is a canopy.

Canopies for schools have become common across UK’s countless schools. For those that have yet to build one, here are reasons canopies are valuable to the school community.

Larger space

A canopy widens the surface area of a building without the need for extending the building or adding a new walled structure. Since it is cheaper than having to construct a new building, it is an efficient option for enlarging play, meeting, and walking areas.

Better play

Rain is a UK constant. When it rains, children do not get the chance to play outside. With a canopy, playtime is possible under any weather.

Ensured safety

Canopies are known for their safety. They keep areas dry allowing children to play and run around without any accident. For teachers and their classes, sometimes they have to move from one location to another. A canopy saves them from any inconvenience.

Energy saving

A canopy fitted on the side of a building also guarantees safer temperatures. Windows adjacent to the canopy will barely absorb light, lowering the temperature in the classroom. The use of air conditioning is then minimised, thereby reducing energy use.


Canopies can also serve as waiting areas for parents and visitors. While waiting to pick their children, parents can use the space. The canopy can also be utilised for other uses that may require shade or protection from the elements.

Canopies are pertinent additions to a school, as they provide many uses that any building would provide at a cheaper cost and at a shorter construction timeframe.