Forensic Science in the Real World: Is Real Life CSI as Interesting?

Crime Scene Investigation in UTahWhen you tune in to crime series like CSI and Castle, you always find Horatio Caine and Kate Beckett gathering evidence at the crime scene. You will see blood patterns appear and hear their point of view on what they think happened. You think everything they do must have been depicted from real life, but how much of it is exactly true?

The Basics of CSI

Crime scene investigation is the combination of law, science, and logic. Before the Bio & Trauma Scene Clean Up can get rid of all the gory details, the investigators have to go through a long and tedious operation. They have to document every detail and gather all physical proof that might determine what happened. They retrieve clues on who the killer might be.

They don’t follow a specific pattern in solving crimes because every incident is different. However, the only regularity at crime scenes is the people working to solve the crime. You will typically find police officers to catch the culprit if he is still at the scene.

They are there to guard the scene to protect the evidence. The CSI unit will then arrive to record every detail and gather physical proof. The district attorney will also be there to ascertain if any search warrants are needed.

If the scene is a homicide, medical examiners will be there to identify the preliminary cause of death. Special cases may need professional analysts like entomologists, forensic scientists, and forensic psychologists. Detectives will be present to consult with the CSI and talk to witnesses.

The Processes Involved

Crime scene investigation starts when the detectives or police officers call the CSI unit. As soon as they reach the destination, they will ensure that the scene and the pieces of evidence are not contaminated. They will try to analyze the whole scene and document everything without touching. They will systematically make their way through the scene to gather potential proof and examine it in the lab.

You see, the processes involved in real life CSI are the same as the ones you see in your favorite series. The only difference is you get to skip some of the dull parts.