Garage Door Safety Tips and Proper Handling

Car going inside GarageAlmost everyone in America has a garage door in their own homes. This is great though, as cars are always kept safe and clean at all times. They also make your home look tidy, clean, and presentable from the outside.

Today, experts at Steel City Garage Doors, an excellent garage door installation company in Pittsburgh, will give you tips on how to keep your garage in tip-top shape, as well as keeping your family safe from any garage-related accidents.

Keep the Controllers and Remote Out of your Children’s Reach

Garage doors can easily break down if they are opened and closed repeatedly at all times. Make sure to keep the controllers out of your children’s reach to keep them from playing with it. Also, make sure that the remote control is always kept in a safe place and out of kids’ reach as well to prevent accidents and unwanted problems.

Also, train your kids to never put their hands, arms, or fingers in between the spaces, as these can easily cause accidents.

Inspect the Garage Every Month

Take a look at your garage every month and see if everything is working well. Check the cables, springs, pulleys, and rollers for any signs of wear and tear. Now, you may be tempted to repair these yourself, but it would be wiser to call a professional in and have them repair and replace these parts.

Trying to repair something that you are completely unfamiliar with can only result in unwanted accidents and a broken down garage.

Turn it Off When Going on a Vacation

If you and the whole family are going away on vacation, make sure to unplug the garage door opener unit to make sure that it won’t cause havoc. You can also use a vacation lock console security switch. This makes the remote unusable when activated, which is a great safety feature.

Do not leave the remote unattended, even when you are just at home. Leaving it somewhere unsafe can be bait for robbers and carnappers, so make sure always to keep it safe.