Help Your Dog Live a Longer Healthier Life — Here’s How

dog with leash, ready to go for a walkOwning a dog can be a fulfilling and rewarding experience. Sadly, almost all owners will outlive their dogs — but there are ways you can ensure that your dog lives a long healthy life.

Proper Nutrition

Feed your dog properly, with food specifically designed for them and their age. A puppy will have very different nutritional needs compared with a senior dog.

Avoid feeding your dog table scraps. Human food can be a little high in fat and sugars, which can cause problems for your dog. Certain foods can be toxic to dogs — particularly garlic and chocolate — so try to keep your dog away from the dining table.

Regular Exercise

The moment you decide to get a dog, you’ve committed yourself to a daily exercise routine — for both you and your dog. Exercise keeps your dog’s heart in good shape and maintains muscle mass while shedding unwanted pounds.

Taking a walk or two also gives your dog a chance to socialize with other dogs and helps keep them happy and stress-free. As a bonus, taking your dog for daily walks or exercise sessions will probably help you live a longer life as well.

Good Oral Hygiene

Healthy teeth are essential for your dog’s health. Like humans, dogs are at risk of tooth decay, and this can lead to very serious conditions. Tooth decay not only prevents your dog from eating right, but it can also lead to infections that could spread to the heart and kidneys.

Brush your dog’s teeth every other day, or at least twice a week. Buy special kits specifically designed for dogs and sized appropriately for their breed. If you think your dog has dental problems — don’t hesitate to visit the vet.

Giving your dog proper attention and care gives it the best chance of living a long healthy life. Not only are you making your dog healthier, but you are also showing it that you care — and nothing can make a dog happier than that.