Helping Seniors Live a Full Life

Senior CareSingapore has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world. Your parents may be on their way to that age; you will reach that age sometime as well. You must be wondering what eldercare services you get for your parents when the time comes.

Depending on what your parents need, you can avail of the many services available in Singapore.

Home Away from Home

Reports say that by 2030, around 20% of all Singaporeans will be at the age of 65. One of the most common types of eldercare services are nursing homes. Nursing homes are stay-in communities where your parents stay.

The communities are best for elderlies where simple caregivers or family cannot care for them anymore because of their health conditions. Nursing homes offer many amenities aside from a residence, like recreational areas as well as medical assistance.

Recovery Exercises cites that another type of eldercare service is a day rehabilitation centre. Elders here usually come from debilitating disease or illnesses they have only recently recovered from. Through physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and recreational activities, frail seniors get encouragement to exercise their limbs in order to get stronger and improve their quality of life.

Stay at Home Service

Senior home care, like home nursing is another type of eldercare service available to you. When your parents want to stay at home, hire a nurse come over to assist your parents in their medical and every day needs. Home nursing is best for bedridden seniors or are under some form of medical support.

Beyond the Physical

Counselling services are available as well for the elderly and their family to cope with familial and personal problems. Instead of dealing with the physical, counselling focuses more on the emotional, psychological, and social health of seniors.

New Homes

Lastly, there are community homes for elderlies who are still capable of taking care of themselves and enjoying physical activities. These people usually have permanent disabilities though due to major medical issues.

These are some of the eldercare services that are available to you and your parents or grandparents. Identify the needs of your loved ones to determine which service fits their requirements.