Here Comes the Bride — Wait, What? Fun Ways to Open your Wedding

Traditional weddings start with the blushing bride stepping out of the limousine. But if you’re the kind of bride that wishes to stray from the ordinary, you can enter riding an elephant if you want (and if such a novelty is available and you can afford it).

The tone of your wedding begins with the manner of your arrival. While there is nothing wrong with walking in with a smile and a wave, an entertaining entrance is something you and your guests will never forget.

Limousine No More

Limousines are the traditional choice of engaged couples. But if you wish to break from tradition, choose a car that suits the theme of your wedding. Noosa Woody Hire, a chauffeured hire car service, suggests picking a vintage car for a classic and elegant entrance. If you love the 80s, arriving in a minivan starts your wedding with a unique retro feel.

Vintage bikes are also an option, especially if the bike holds significant memories for you and your future spouse. These make for beautiful props for wedding photos, as well as astound your guests as you arrive. Just make sure your dress and train are not too long that they make riding too dangerous!

Flash Mob Dances

Rather than entering the church with a slow walk accompanied by Pachelbel’s Cannon, put on some catchy rhythm and dance away.

Mass wedding dances are a fun way to entertain your guests and open your wedding at the same time. Pick a song with a catchy tune and have your wedding entourage dance along. Draw some inspiration from Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz’s JK Wedding Entrance, which was a YouTube sensation back in 2009. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen dance their hearts away and warm the crowd to your grand entrance.

A Little Acting or Drama Helps

Skits before the ceremony are trending in the wedding entrance scene. From entrances with the groom battling various book characters to wrong bride situations, these little skits always puts a smile on your guests’ faces.

Choose a scene you want to act before the ceremony; it can be scenes from your favorite shows or re-enact how you met. You can enlist the help of your friends to make it more fun.

Open your wedding in a style unlike any other. Make it memorable, not only for you, but also for your friends and family.