Home Improvement: Choosing the Right Swimming Pool for Small Yards

Empty swimming poolWith summer just around the corner, all you can think of right now is having a comforting pool in the backyard to keep your family cool during the hot days. Having a small or limited space outside your house shouldn’t stop you from having your own private retreat. You can always look for pool builders in Dallas, like Gold Medal Pools, to help you construct the perfect backyard pool of your dream.

Swimming pools come in different types, shapes, and designs intended for different purposes. Before deciding the type of pool you want, here are your choices:

Plunge Pool

What’s best about this pool is it fits in any type of small yards. It may not be the typical full-sized swimming pool, but it’s cost-efficient, requires minimal labor and material, and similarly refreshing during the hot weather.


Spool is a combination of pool and spa. It works in dual-purposes—during both summer and winter. The spool can still be used during winter because it has a heating technology, which gives you the luxurious spa feel. It’s also great for small backyard areas.

Parallel Pool

A parallel pool is best for small, narrow backyards. If you wish to install a small-round pool in your backyard but have a problem with the narrow space, then the parallel pool is the perfect suit for you. It’s best installed beside your wall or fenced-line.

Free-Form Pool

Free-form pools are in-ground pools without any specific shape but can copy the shape of your backyard. This is a wise option to maximize every corner of space in your small area. You only need professional builders to design your pool.

Incorporating a natural element around the pool area can also add a luxurious feel to your backyard. In addition to that, investing in a swimming pool can add value to your home, and it’s also a great way to cool off with family and friends during the hot season.