How Cities Can Prepare for a Snowstorm

Cars covered in snowMore than 700 snowstorms or blizzards have hit the United States since 1960. Cities should already know how to respond to big blizzards by now. However, each blizzard is different from another, necessitating some level of difference in the response. Some responses work for almost every blizzard, and the following could help you prepare for the next big one:

Prepare a UTV

Often, snowstorms become so perilous that you may need a search and rescue team to find people who are in danger. One of the handiest equipment that can be used in cases like this includes a utility task vehicle (UTV). A search and rescue UTV will be able to go into the worst of the snowstorm because it engineered to withstand difficult terrain and situations.

Prepare a supply kit

City administrators should impose individual and collective efforts to prepare for a snowstorm. Should it be stronger than expected, a supply kit could help you get over the worst of the storm. Keep some water, non-perishable food, a flashlight, extra batteries, first-aid supplies and other sanitary items.

Form a crisis response team

A crisis response team will be your city’s best way to respond to the disaster. Prepare maps in a room where teams on the ground will communicate with local and federal government officials. Make sure the lines of communication remain open.

The team should have emergency responders such as ambulances, doctors, firefighters, and even local police who could help when the situation gets worse. You could also ask your neighbors to form a local response team so that everyone could help when a crisis strikes.

City governments must always have a ready response to disasters like snowstorms. Make sure you and your city are prepared for any possible event, and make sure you have these things on your list.