How to Keep Your Heating System in Excellent Condition

HVAC UnitsMost HVAC systems today are so efficient you barely notice that they’re there, working all day long to maintain a nice and comfortable climate in your home, especially under the hot Utah weather.

That is, until, they don’t.

Once your heating unit breaks down, the sudden change will take you by surprise. So here are some helpful tips on how to maintain your home’s HVAC system and prevent unnecessary problems in the future.


Like any other machine, your thermostat requires regular maintenance and checkups to keep them working efficiently.

A common problem with thermostats is short cycling. This is when your thermostat works for only a few minutes before shutting down. If this happens, it’s best to call a heating repair technician. The thermostat itself may need to be replaced or recalibrated, and only professionals like Whipple Service Champions can do that.

Air Duct Filters

To maintain your ventilation and air conditioning systems, always check the filters to make sure that air circulation is optimized.

Follow this simple rule when dealing with air duct filters: check once a month, and replace every three. Keep your shafts and ductwork clean as accumulated dust and debris can slow down and damage your system. Don’t forget your blower. Make sure that all parts are working and not making any unnecessary noise.


If your house runs on oil-powered boilers and furnaces, it’s important to regularly check your oil filters and change them as needed. The typical lifespan of a filter is one year, so it’s best to change them annually. The process is simple enough. Just turn off the machine, unscrew the old filter and put on the new one.

It doesn’t take much to maintain a good heating system. With just a little effort and some knowledge, you can keep your home’s heating in top condition.