How to Maintain a Smooth-Operating Packaging Machine

Machine for packing productsIn a packaging process, every step is crucial to the success of the next one. The same goes for each type of equipment that you use in your operations.

Your carton sealer, friction feeder, or end load cartoner all play an important role in the process that they’re used in. You cannot expect them to keep running smoothly if you use them every day without proper maintenance. Here are four ways to make sure your packaging machines will run smoothly for a longer period.

1. Partner with Your OEMs

If you haven’t touched base with OEMs yet, now is the best time to do it. If you were a smart buyer when you ordered your equipment, then you probably already have a good manufacturer who has excellent backup support. This is crucial if your machine is down and your operations are stopped. Having fast and reliable backup from your OEM will save you from possible losses.

2. Be Prepared for Upgrades and Depreciation

All types of machines and equipment will depreciate over time, especially if they have parts that can be easily upgraded. Staying on top of machine part upgrades will help you maintain a machine that can keep up with the ever-changing demand for it.

3. Have a Complete List of Spare Parts

Some parts of a packaging machine are prone to wear and tear more than others. These parts will need more frequent replacements. Making sure your spare parts list is always complete will ensure that repairs and replacements can be done quickly. You do not want to risk losing production time just because you still need to wait for a spare part to be delivered.

4. Have a Regular Maintenance Plan

Depending on how heavy your workload is, you must stick to a regular maintenance plan. This will help you prevent any type of problem, damage, or accident that may occur over time. This should also be supported by random checks if the operator notices something unusual.

Keep in mind that machines like these are just like your car. They need regular preventive maintenance and all the extra TLC that comes with that. Take good care of them and they will serve their purpose for longer.