How to Make Your HVAC Systems More Energy-Efficient

hvac systemYour HVAC systems are a long-term investment, and there are various things you need to keep in check in order to keep them working optimally. Experts from Desert Star Heating and Air advise that the following should be on top of your list:

1. Consistent temperatures mean more savings.

Instead of frequently turning your unit on and off, you can actually save more energy in the long run if you just keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature.

Run your air conditioner or heat pump at lower operating levels and experience a substantial drop in your electric consumption. If you are buying a new system, it’s always a good idea to check for modulating or two-stage options.

2. The furnace filter affects your unit.

A dirty air filter not only affects indoor air quality, but it also causes your air conditioner to work harder. This results in a less efficient system that may need to be repaired more frequently.

3. Open windows can affect indoor air quality.

When you open your windows, especially during the spring, you are allowing allergens, pollutants, and dust into your home. The unfiltered air settles on surfaces and affects room temperature. Be sure to invest in quality blinds and curtains, and don’t leave your windows open all the time.

4. Professional cleaning makes a difference.

A dirty unit won’t be able to do its job properly, but you don’t have to drag the whole machinery outside just to clean it. Doing this might end up damaging parts of the system and some costly repairs. Let a local professional do the upkeep so you can enjoy cool, clean air without the hassle.

Your HVAC equipment is crucial to your family’s comfort. As it could have implications on your monthly bills, it’s important to keep it running as effectively and efficiently as possible, especially now that summer is here.