How to Shed Extra Pounds Quickly and Safely

This woman showing of her waist lineMillions of people in the U.S. have problems with weight. About a third of the entire adult population is obese, and 6.3 percent suffer from extreme obesity.

Considering that obesity may cause health ailments like diabetes and heart disease, it is important to give losing weight some serious thought. To help you shed those excess pounds, here are some ideas.

Know what foods to avoid

You don’t have to avoid all foods and not all the time, but you need to cut down on foods that are starchy, sugary, and fatty. Go easy on the candy and pork chops.

Eat more fruit and veggies

In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, try egg whites, poultry breast meat (without the skin), fish and shellfish, soy products, and lean meat. Choose the nonfat variety for dairy.

Drink lots of water

Eight glasses a day is recommended for health, but you can increase your water consumption while trying to lose weight. It helps you feel full, like veggies and fruits and keeps your body hydrated while it’s getting less fuel from foods.

Start counting calories

Talk to your doctor about the safe number of calories you are allowed to consume in a day, based on your age, weight, and size. Do not go below the minimum, though, as it could be dangerous.

Trust only professionals to help you

If you want to get a liposuction, don’t go to a spa. Don’t buy weight-loss products from just anyone. Ask your doctor about it. Visit a clinic that offers medical weight loss, so you know it’s safer.

Remove temptations

All of this will be for naught if you are continuously tempted by the contents of your fridge. Throw out unhealthy foods like microwavable meals, sugary stuff like chocolate bars and drinks, and anything that may help compromise your diet.

Exercise and rest

You can’t lose all that extra weight in one day of exercise, so don’t push yourself too hard. Half an hour of exercise is plenty if you do it every day or every other day. Get plenty of sleep – at least eight hours a day, so you don’t feel tired and regret your decision to lose weight.

Losing weight is possible. Start slow and work your way up, and talk to your physician about it. They can give you sound advice on what to do safely.