“I Want Kate Middleton’s Nose”: The Duchess’s Effect on Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Surgery in UKSince her wedding, Kate Middleton has always been a style icon. Everything she wears affects how women dress, and apparently, her looks are causing an upheaval, too.

Her nose, specifically, caused a 14% increase in rhinoplasty surgeries in the UK. Looking at the silhouette of her face, it’s easy to see why women and men are going under the knife to have her nose. The perfectly straight bridge, perfectly level septum and a tip that has the right amount of uprightness makes for equality on all planes of the nose.

A Model Worth Imitating

With the way she carries herself, it’s no secret why so many people want to emulate Princess Kate. There’s no better person to imitate. She embraces her role gracefully, using it to spread goodness and also because she is so beautiful. Rhinoplasty is on the rise in Washington, DC just because people want a little bit of Kate in them. To think that she was a commoner and she married a prince, many people are envious and/or desire to be like her.

A Small Warning

It’s important to remember that Kate Middleton’s nose works for her because of her face. Her features complement her nose, which contributes to making it “perfect.” So, if you’re a little bit on the thin side and have the similar bone structure, your surgeon will allow you. Either way, you’ll discuss these things among others with the doctor.

On the other hand, should the surgeon advises you to choose a different model, you have many options. There is no shortage of beauty icons to inspire your rhinoplasty. It’s important, however, to pick one with similar features as you. This should only be a once-in-a-lifetime procedure, and whether you like it or not, the pressure’s on you to make the right decision.

But, you probably know that already. Before making a decision, remember that it’s always safe to consult with a surgeon. Whether you’ll have Kate Middleton’s nose or some other celebrity, the important thing is to get it right.