Importance of the H1B Visa Program: How Do You Apply?

US Green CardH1B visas let tech and other companies in the US hire foreign labor to bridge gaps in the workforce. Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, section 101, employers can temporarily hire graduate-level foreign professionals. It comes with benefits for both parties: employers gain new workers and immigrants can legally live and work in the country.

But what does it entail? Here are the need-to-knows when you are applying for an H-1B visa in Utah County.

What is the H1B Visa?

It is a non-immigrant visa which gives US companies the permission to employ foreign nationals in important positions for up to 6 years. It is useful for companies which are not able to fill positions with qualified personnel who are citizens or permanent residents. The basic salary is set at $60,000 a year. People who move to the US with this visa can apply for a green card and also buy property while they live and work there. The US has 65,000 visas to offer every year.

How to apply for one

This visa is very coveted by the technology industry and more applications than the capped amount of 85000 are received. Many talented people vie for a visa and have to wait as they are handed out by the lottery system. It is possible for an applicant to get his H1B visa expedited with the help of an immigration lawyer in Utah County.

H1B visa makes it easy for foreign workers to gain entry into jobs with tech companies, hospitals, and other institutions. Many of these jobs would not be filled without the H1B program.

An overhaul in the workforce encourages employers to try and recruit more Americans while letting the Labor and Homeland Security departments investigate any fraudulent activity and systemic abuse. In the meantime, if you wish to apply for one, it is important to learn more about the process first to ensure a smooth application.