Increase Efficiency in Your Warehouse With Two Simple Moves

Warehouse personnel working on the storageMany companies struggle with keeping their warehouse operating at maximum efficiency, and it leads them to incur huge losses. But with the right technology and planning, you can keep your facility operating flawlessly.

A growing population and improved transportation systems lead to an increasing demand for goods. This results in a boom in trade, which calls for excellent storage facilities, making warehousing a rewarding venture.

The ability to handle large volumes of goods easily spells good fortune for your business. In addition to having the best industrial warehouse racking systems, you need to take additional measures to increase efficiency in your facility. Storeplan cites some of the best ones.

Rethink your layout

The key to an efficient warehouse operation is organising your workstations to allow for convenience and productivity. That means you need predetermined stations for goods, tools and equipment. Proper organisation methods keep clutter at bay, improve workplace safety and reduces shipping errors.

You must analyse your fulfillment patterns and group the items accordingly. For instance, you need to store the high-volume items near the front to reduce travel time. Keep related products in the same area for ease of access. Typically, you need to improve your storage plan to keep your fast-moving items readily accessible and eliminate delays.

Such a move also reduces your labour costs, as it enables you to keep a lean staff without affecting service delivery.

Embrace technology

Warehousing technologies, including barcoding and radio frequency identification, help in improve fulfillment and efficiency. The technology helps reduce errors in large storage spaces and reduces the amount of paperwork you must deal with. Furthermore, the right system can help you map out the best pick up routes and storage patterns.

Tagging and barcoding give greater control over the inventory by letting you track each item in the facility. An added benefit is that it reduces stocktaking with a click of a button. It also keeps you from carrying excess stock, so you can save more money.

With the right management tools and technology, you can streamline your warehouse operations. An efficient operation lowers risks, eliminates losses, increases productivity and boosts your bottom line.