Indoor Cycling Takes Circuit Training for a Spin

Circuit Training is a fast-paced workout program with short bursts of exercises that target different body parts. As you focus on different muscle groups, you don’t need to take a rest between routines. One of the misconceptions about circuit training is that it takes longer than a regular workout session. Some people also think that it includes lifting heavy weights. Innovative indoor cycling workout programs proved this wrong.

Perfect Training When You Don’t Have Enough Time

You don’t need to work out for two hours when you don’t have time. You can take an on and off-the-bike circuit training class. This program helps you put in training miles and build muscles in a short exercise session. Depending on where you’re taking the class, you may go through a few minutes of high or moderate interval training on the bike. It also includes a short workout on the mat and a few minutes of stretching exercises.

Full Body Workout

Some fitness centers offer full body workout cycling classes. These programs combine spinning with different types of exercises, such as Yoga, Pilates, Muay Thai, and Boxing. In this class, you get to tone your arms, sculpt your body, and strengthen your core – without lifting heavy weights.

Indoor cycling is a fun way to lose weight and build muscles. Get the most from your spinning session by adding circuit training in your workout program.