It’s Contagious

a woman at the dentistMost people find a genuine smile pretty irresistible. When the eyes crinkle up and the teeth gleam, it’s almost impossible not to smile back. And smiling back feels great, and two people are happy, because smiling releases the body’s natural feel-good chemicals, such as serotonin. It is therefore little wonder that people who can’t face smiling because their teeth are in poor condition can end up feeling isolated and depressed. It’s therefore also little wonder that so many people are taking advantage of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh.

Back in the day, cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh was only available to the super-rich and famous, but now it is increasingly available from reputable dentists such as Edinburgh Dental Specialists. With the wide range of cosmetic dentistry treatments available, no matter what the problem is, a single treatment, or a combination of treatments should be able to solve it and create a beautiful, harmonious smile.

Dentists use the word harmonious to describe a good smile because the teeth need to fit the mouth, and they need to be in ratio with each other. This has become quite a focus, and having seen what has happened to some early celeb smile makeovers, it is clear that natural is now very much seen as better than bigger and brighter. The aim is to look healthy and natural, not make a big statement. Save that for the eyebrows!

Whitening is almost certainly the most popular treatment when it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh, as it is throughout the world. This treatment can be carried out at home with a take-home kit, or at the dentist’s. The latter is quicker, but more expensive.

Most people also want to straighten out, and repair their teeth, often with the help of veneers, cosmetic bonding and cosmetic braces. Some people also have gums that are out of proportion to their teeth, or descend too far over them. This can be fixed by using a laser that seals as it cuts away unnecessary gum tissue.

Most cosmetic dentistry in Edinburgh also makes for healthier teeth, as there are fewer places for plaque, which causes cavities and gum disease, to build up.