Just Hold On: Keeping Kids Safe in the Bath

Bathroom with shower but no bathtubTo slip, or not to slip — that is the question.

Bath time can be a dangerous activity for your kids. The combination of their liveliness and the slippery environment often result in falls or injuries. An estimated 65% of bathroom-related injuries in children younger than 15 years old happened in the shower or bathtub, in fact.

Adult supervision during bath time is not always enough to prevent accidents, however. A split-second of inattention is sometimes all it takes for children to lose their footing and get hurt. Moreover, it gets even harder to watch over your kids as they grow older and assert their independence.

A few simple changes in the bathroom goes a long way in protecting your little ones.

Kid-Proof Your Bathroom

Non-slip bath mats are a simple way to avoid accidents when taking a bath. A good mat is one that’s both mold-resistant and quick-drying. Don’t forget to place mats outside the shower stall or tub, as well. Another similar solution is to install non-slip floors. While this option requires more time and money, it also gives you a more permanent solution.

Safety grab bars are great alternatives to non-slip floors. And industry experts like DFW Grab Bars dismiss the common belief that grab bars are just for the elderly. Whether it’s entering and exiting the shower or sitting down in the tub, your children would benefit greatly from a stable place to hold onto. What’s more, you can even place one by the toilet, or anywhere else you feel your kids need it.

Take Your Pick

While the straight grab bar is the most recognizable, it is by no means the only kind of support bar available. There are also L-shaped or 90-degree grab bars that are ideal for shower-and-tub combo units. Meanwhile, swing out or hinged grab bars can be folded to the wall to save space when not in use.

If you want a modern but kid-friendly bathroom look, opt for support bars that double as bathroom accents or toilet paper holders. Others have built-in soap dishes, shelves, or towel racks to optimize space and safety.

Depending on what type of grab bar you choose, it’s best to consult with the American Disability Association’s guidelines to ensure it complies with safety requirements.

There’s no need to hover over your kids 24/7 to make sure they don’t get hurt while in the bathroom. With just a few low-cost investments, you can ensure their safety while still giving them space to grow to be independent.